Freelancers; a curse or a boon?


Freelancer is a commonly used word these days. How are freelancers different from people who have regular jobs? Although freelancing began in the medieval ages with mercenary soldiers, there are umpteen freelancers and freelancing opportunities on offer today. If you are a freelancer, you do not have a long-term commitment to a particular employer. As a freelancer you provide a particular service to your client and you can work from the luxury of your home at your own time.

The concept of ‘Digital Media’ is taking over at an unwavering pace. People are constantly on their phones or laptops, communicating with family and friends, shopping online, updating themselves with all the information or just whiling away their time looking up random things. The point being that all this is turning out to become a necessity.

The rise of the digital world has not even spared the office culture. The standard work environment has taken huge leaps into the digital era over the past few years. People are choosing to work from home as per their convenience over being a 9-5 employee. This entire trend has given birth to a community of freelancers who have moved past the embryonic stage within no time. The typical offices and their workforce are swiftly being replaced by the virtual world.

Freelancing is a concept applied to people who are self-employed and not bound to one particular organization. Doesn’t that sound cool? Well, many people are resorting to this new way of working as it gives them the freedom to work on their own terms. It has brought about a good opportunity for people who cannot offer full time commitment such as housewives, teenagers, parents etc. Blogging, graphic designing, photography and social media marketing are the major areas of operation for freelancers. But what are the pros and cons of employing freelancers for a company? Lets have a look

Advantages of freelancers:

  • Economic Solution – Employing freelancers’ helps to cut down the costs of the company in terms of office space, equipment etc. They also don’t have to be rewarded with perks and benefits like other employees.
  • Pool of Talent – Sometimes companies may across extremely talented individuals. However, they might face difficulties when employing them due to reasons like travelling issues, family commitments etc. Freelancing provides a solution to this by either allowing the individual to work from home or getting them in for a particular contract.

Disadvantages of freelancers:

  • Uncertainty – There is always this looming fear of ambiguity. There is no way a company can be certain about the personality of a freelancer and whether his objectives correspond to those of the company.
  • Availability – Freelancers usually have multiple projects in hand or work at their convenience. This can prove to be quite a drawback, especially when companies are looking for maximum output and have deadlines to meet. Freelancers are not always available and work at hours that suit them the best. Thus, coordination might be a problem.
  • Quality – Freelancers are not wholly dedicated or committed to one single company. This could cause quite a problem for the company, as the quality of work delivered by the freelancers may not be of up to the mark.

At the end of the day, it depends on each individual business, what working style they are comfortable with. However, always evaluate the pros and cons of hiring freelancers and making them a part of your business before making a final decision.


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