Time For A Team


It has been said, ‘The difference between success and failure, is a great team’. This statement stands true in every essence. The crux of an organisation is its team. Teams are the building blocks of any business that administer and carry out the various operations and functions. Most of the organisations are profoundly reliant upon their team of workers who work together to achieve the goals of the organisation. The experience of being a part of team is an inevitable one.

A team can be described as a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. The individuals comprising a team ideally should have common goals, common objectives and more or less think on the same lines. If not, then it becomes the responsibility of the manager or the team leader to adopt various ways to build successful teams.


Bringing about a team together means bringing a lot of assortment and variety to the table in terms of perspective, talent, abilities, opinions, ideas etc. It requires a great amount of effort to put a team together and have them adjust to the likes of each other. In every team, conflicts are bound to arise. It is but natural. Thus, the main challenge lies in overcoming these conflicts.

A very simple instance would be the movie ‘Chak de India’. The girls were a part of the India hockey team, however they undervalued the importance of each other in the team. It is through the sustained efforts of their coach, ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ they were able to learn to work together and support each other, leading to them winning the World Cup.

Individual efforts when combined effectually, result in a triumphant team. This is a value that is to be imbibed in every member of a team, which can be achieved through team building. Leadership is an important component of team building (We will be discussing this in our next blog). It is important to guide individuals and steer their path to teamwork and make them realise the value of each and every member. This is can only done by a leader.

The main purpose of team building is to:

  • Encourage healthier relationships among team members
  • Create an amicable workplace environment
  • Motivate and Persuade the team members
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Improve communication and cooperation

It is important that businesses realise the need for team effort and indulge in team building activities to strengthen the very core of their organisation.


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